Harassment & Bullying

Our employment law solicitors are experts in assisting in the resolution of work place disputes and pursuing claims for compensation when an employee has had to leave their employment as a result of unacceptable bullying and harassment.

The employer should have a policy in place to ensure that all staff are treated and treat others with dignity and respect, free from harassment and bullying.

Harassment or bullying can occur both in and out of the workplace, such as on business trips or at events or work-related social functions. It can also occur between managers and subordinates, fellow colleagues as well as between staff and customers, suppliers or visitors.

If you have been the subject of any harassment or bullying you should first try to resolve the matter informally, with the assistance of your line manager. If you are unable to resolve the matter, or if the matter is too serious to be dealt with on an informal basis, you may raise a formal grievance with your employer.

Your employer should treat any allegations of harassment or bullying seriously and address them promptly and confidentially where possible. Harassment or bullying by an employee may be treated as misconduct under the employer’s disciplinary procedure. In some cases it may amount to gross misconduct leading to dismissal.

Our Employment Advice Services

Our Employment solicitors can assist you by: –

  1. Advising you of the most appropriate action to take in the circumstances – whether that be trying to resolve the matter informally, raising a formal grievance or resigning and making a claim to the Employment Tribunal for constructive dismissal;
  2. Assisting you through the grievance procedure,
  3. Negotiating an outcome to suit your needs,
  4. Pursuing a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

We are able to offer very competitive rates and fixed fee packages for our work. All our initial advice is provided by qualified solicitors and offered for free, so please call us on 0844 800 9860 or request a call back through our website.


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