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Workers and employees have the right to be accompanied by a fellow colleague or trade union official at disciplinary and grievance meetings. This right also extends to meetings required as part of a statutory process (e.g. flexible working). 

Two recent Court of Appeal cases have considered whether a worker or employee ought to have the right to be accompanied by a lawyer. In both cases, the employees faced serious and potentially career threatening allegations and wanted to be represented by a lawyer at the internal disciplinary hearing. The Court of Appeal ruled in both cases that in certain circumstances, an employee should be allowed to be accompanied by a lawyer at a disciplinary meeting and to refuse might amount to a breach of their human rights. 

If the companion is unavailable at the time proposed for the disciplinary or grievance meeting, there is a statutory duty to rearrange the meeting within five days. If the meeting has to be re-scheduled again, or several times, the employer would be entitled to refuse to postpone the meeting on this basis.

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