Discrimination at Work

Our expert employment solicitors are specialists in anti-discrimination law. Discrimination law is complex and we therefore highly recommend seeking legal advice early. We offer free initial advice to all our clients so please call us on [insert number] or request a call back through this website.

Our service is completely confidential. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and work hard to provide a quick resolution for our clients.

Protected Characteristics

The Equality Act 2010 provides protection from discrimination in respect of the following protected characteristics: –

Types of Discrimination

Discrimination can take many different forms. This can include: –

  1. Direct Discrimination – Treating someone less favourably as a result of their protected characteristic or association with someone who has a protected characteristic. The law also protects those who may be perceived to have a protected characteristic even if they do not.
  2. Indirect Discrimination – This includes the setting of policies which have the effect of disadvantaging a group of people with a particular protected characteristic.
  3. Harassment – This includes behaviour of an offensive or threatening nature. Sexual harassment includes being in receipt of persistent and unwanted sexual advances.
  4. Victimisation – Occurs where an employee or worker is subjected to a detriment because the employee has done, or might do, a protected act such as complaining about discrimination.

Our Employment Advice Services

We can advise and assist in all types of discrimination cases. Our service is provided by specialist lawyers who are experts in discrimination and harassment claims.  We can assist by: –

  1. Advising you whether the particular circumstances you find yourself in is likely to amount to unlawful discrimination, unlawful harassment or unlawful victimisation;
  2. If you are still employed and believe you are being discriminated against, harassed or victimised, we can help you through the delicate process of deciding what to do and how to resolve the situation to your benefit;
  3. We can assist you in pursuing a claim for discrimination, harassment or victimisation in the Employment Tribunal.

We are able to offer very competitive rates and fixed fee packages for our work. All our initial advice is provided by qualified solicitors and offered for free, so please call us on 0844 800 9860 or request a call back through our website.


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